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Want to buy a company?

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Extraordinary track-record of our partners

  • Joint experience of more than 400 successful M&A operations
  • Investor clients from over 60 different countries
  • The clients describe us being creative, transparent, passionate, dynamic, human and professional.
  • We obtain almost all our mandates through recommendations.

Some FAQs

What is the secret recipe for a successful purchase or sales of a company?


  • One well prepared strategy, to be executed with utmost perfection.
  • Range of solid facts, to be delivered to the counter party in correct doses at the right moment.
  • Loads of diplomacy, confidentiality and discretion.
  • A pinch of show elements in the negotiations.
  • All the patience you can spend.

Use an experienced professional team to mix it all up and get the deal cooking.

Why should I use AvaM&A instead of selling the company myself?

The times when announcing what you sell in the local newspaper are over.
A part from the tremendous network of local contacts and sources, we are working with investors from over 60 different countries to find you not just a buyer – but the best buyer who pays the best possible price for your company.

We do not believe in luck.
You may have already reached out to some or your contacts to see if they would happen to know by coincidence someone interested in buying your business. There are not coincidences when selling a business. Our work is extremely well structured. To find you the best possible buyer is a full-time job for our professional team – and we’ll get the job done.

You can only sell your company once.
Selling your business can be the most important business operation of your life. You may be the best there is in your own business sector – but how many companies have you sold? Our partners have a joint track-record of over 300 operations, and they know perfectly how to do IT. What is IT, exactly?


Is my company the right size for AvaM&A? How big or small companies does AvaM&A sell and buy?

AvaM&A works in the middle market. Of our 400+ operations, in over 80% of the cases the sales price of the company has been between 1 million and 10 million euros. These operations are two big for local, one-man agencies, and too small for investment banks and big multinational M&A advisories.

What are the TOP 8 qualities of a dream team of Business Brokers?

  1. They have business ownership experience.
  2. They have local knowledge and a global contact network.
  3. They have solid experience in executing deals successfully.
  4. They have transparent fee structures with no surprises.
  5. They have commercial, legal and financial training.
  6. They are interested in learning from you the tricks of the trade of your business no matter what it is.
  7. They possess integrity and an intense sense of fairness.
  8. They have the ability to speak and communicate easily and comfortably with business owners from different cultural backgrounds in different languages.

The AvaM&A team qualifies for all of these.

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