Buying a Business

Why buy a business?

Want to grow through acquisition?

Want to get rid of the competition and buy them out?

Want to have a new business division through a company acquisition?

Want to dominate a new territory by acquiring local business in some other place?

Want to secure the source of and buy the provider?

Want to secure the sales channel and buy a client?

Want to make an investment in a company to get decent ROI?

No problem, we can identify and acquire for you the best possible target company so that you can reach your objectives.

Noel Fraire y Daniel Valenzuela, analistas

What do we do, exactly?

  • Prescreen businesses for you to find the ones for sale that fit your parameters including location, industry and size. You may have strict search criteria, but please keep in mind that one of our clients wanted a technology company and ended up buying a potato crisp factory. So, we would suggest keeping your options open.
  • Draft and sign confidentiality agreements.
  • Make a first estimation of the price that you should be prepared to pay and confir whether the asking price is within the range in order not to lose time pursuing overpriced companies.
  • Assess the true profit history and the actual value of the assets you will receive and liabilities you will assume.
  • Negotiate; being tough, smart and diplomatic.
  • Close the deal.
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