Meet the Team

Meet the Team at Ava BB

Raisa Venermo, Partner

Raisa is an avid, but mediocre practitioner of different martial arts and also enjoys playing the piano and accordion. These hobbies have been on hold though for the last couple of years since Raisa became a mother and has been concentrating her limited free time on being present and enjoying to the maximum the baby-years of her daughter.

Raisa sits on the board of the Spanish chapter of FIABCI, the International Real Estate Federation, the world’s largest federation of professionals in the real-estate sector. She is often invited to give speeches, trainings and presentations in different forums.

Raisa likes networking and enjoys the opportunity to learn continuously from clients coming from dozens of different cultural backgrounds.

Raisa is specialized in international investments and corporate law. She has two law degrees, one from the law school of Turku in Finland, and the other from the University of Lleida, Spain. After graduating from law school, she worked for the prestigious US law firm, Thatcher, Proffitt & Wood in Mexico City, and has worked for the past 12 years in Barcelona, first as in-house counsel for an IT company and then in local law firms before founding AvaLaw in 2007 and AvaBB some years later. Raisa works fluently in English, Spanish and Finnish, and in addition, can communicate in Swedish and French.

Gerard Duelo, Partner

Anyone who knows Gerard, can confirm that he is a true Renaissance Man, a man of “unquenchable curiosity and feverishly inventive imagination”. He is famous for having hunch for lucrative businesses, but he also enjoys simple things in life: reading, watching his olive trees grow, collecting art, painting paintings himself, writing stories that make you want to cry and laugh…

Gerard has a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering. He carried out business studies in Barcelona and London graduating in many disciplines by the business schools of IESE (PDG), ESADE, EADA, ESMA (DSM) and EAE. In all of them he has subsequently been a lecturer or academic collaborator. He is part of the Grupo Harward of IESE.

For 30 years he was Senior Manager (CEO) in multinational companies (Pyrenees, Pioneer, Booker Plc, etc.) in Spain, Andorra and England. These positions allowed him to travel constantly around the world.

In 1998, he was the founder of GD&A BUSINESS BROKERS, a company mainly dedicated to the purchase and sale of SMEs. In 2007, he sold it successfully after having intervened in more than 400 operations throughout Spain. In 2013, Gerard was appointed as Business Ambassador of Catalonia by the Generalitat. He is also a President of the Association of Spanish Entrepreneurs in Panama (AEEP).

Lourdes Santisesteban, Partner

Contrary to her office reputation as the efficient multi-tasker, able to handle numerous things at the same time, in her free time Lourdes has one mission and one mission only – dedication to her busy family.

Lourdes has extensive experience in M&A and litigation where she stands out after 13 years of experience representing clients before the Spanish courts. She graduated with a law degree from Pompeu Fabra University (2000) and a master´s degree in International Business Law at the Barcelona Bar Association (2009). Lourdes worked for a Spanish Law Firm for six years, among other things, in company law. In 2007, she set up her own firm focused on advising foreign individuals and companies concerning their legal interests in Spain, and in 2013, she joined forces with AvaLaw, and some years later founded AvaBB. She works in English, Spanish and Catalan.

Daniel Valenzuela, Data Analyst

Daniel is passionate about music, he plays the guitar since he was a kid and is always eager to watch live music. He also enjoys doing mountain sports and, of course, sharing a bottle of wine in good company.

Daniel has a diploma in Chemical Sciences and a Postgraduate course in Oenology. He has a long experience in the wine industry working in different positions and he has worked in different countries, such as United States, New Zealand, Austria and Spain. He lived in London for three years, where he worked in the hospitality industry. Currently, he is studying an MBA at the IMF Business School.

His experience in different positions has enabled him to develop good organizational skills; his main strengths are adaptability to a new work place, sociability, organization and commitment to the job. He works well on his own initiative and as part of a team. Daniel speaks Catalan, Spanish and English.

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