Selling a Business

Algunos de nuestros brokers: Gerard Duelo, Lourdes Santisteban, Raisa Venermo, Roser Coll y Noel Fraire

Services to Sell Your Business

Hard work alone is not enough anymore. To create successful transactions today, you need advisors with new levels of creativity and forward thinking. Selling businesses is moving into a new era – and AvaBB is up to date.

Do you want to know how the sales is actually done from the initial target screening and commercial due diligence through post-acquisition integration support? Please see the chart below for details.

We can’t control the wind, but we can adjust the sails.”

As you see from the chart, the work consist of numerous phases between three working areas:

  • Commercial and strategical work
  • Document administration
  • Legal & Tax

The professionals of AvaM&A take care of the tasks in the first two areas.
The third area consists of the legal stuff that needs to be done in any operation by the representatives of the seller. AvaM&A has a sister company AvaLaw Legal Services ( with partly the same partners, but being totally independent company. If you, being the buyer or the seller, wish to use the lawyers of AvaLaw Legal Services to deal with the legal aspects of the sales, perfect. If you already have your own lawyers specialized in M&A, you can perfectly stick to them.

FAQ’s regarding sales of the business

How much can I get for my business?

We don’t know. Yet. But after having analysed your Company as the first step after receiving the sales mandate from you, we will know what a realistic asking price for what you sell is. As part of our work, we’ll maximize the money you will put in your pocket, using among many others, the following tools:

  • Planning the suitable tax structure for the sales (a high sales price does not help if the taxman takes it all).
  • Separating certain assets from the company (for example selling real-estate separately)
  • Capitalizing any intangible properties that are not in the balance

What is the biggest error when selling a business?

Tell at your local bar that you are selling your company.

The confidentiality is of utmost importance in any operation. If you announce publicly that you are for sale, your clients may get nervous and your competition will take the maximum benefit out of that. Your bank gets nervous. Your providers get nervous. Your employees get nervous. All that nervousness harms the business and decreases the value of the company in the eyes of the future buyers.

But hey, how can I sell the company if I cannot tell anyone that the company is on the market? Easily, by letting AvaBB sell the business for you. We give to potential buyers only blind profiles (they do not know who you are). Only when we have the strong confidentiality agreements in place, we’ll reveal your identity. We also have lots of international investors buying Spanish companies. With them, your secret safer, your local competition does not have to know.

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