Some of our executive summaries

Some of our executive summaries


We are seeking an investor or a strategic partner for an IT and healthcare company, which has entrusted us the exclusivity of a sales mandate.

The company is a start-up located in Barcelona and has developed a product that controls, monitors and digitalizes the use of epinephrine auto-injectors. These auto-injectors are used by the patients who suffer Anaphylaxis (a severe allergic reaction to some type of food, insect and/or medication that can cause death) and mitigate the effects caused by a reaction, such as inflammation or respiratory system blocking (among other symptoms).

The company has developed a product that solves three problems detected in the market:
a. Product quality.
b. Transportability.
c. Poor system and training of epinephrine administration (patient and close relatives).

Currently there is no system or product in the market that solves the problems exposed, or at least, in conjunction. Consequently, there is no competition in the market, at both national and international levels. In addition, the product is on the rise and has a potential public market of approximately 10 million people.

The funding is divided in 3 stages, the first one is about 200-300K, which will be intended to the pre-industrialization of the prototype that is actually finished. In the second and third stages (2 and 3), an investment of 3 Million € and 5 million € are needed respectively.


Through the following Executive Summary, we would like to inform to who may be interested, that we dispose of an exclusive Sales Mandate of a Minery Exploitation which consists in Portland Cement of high quality.

The limestone quarry is located in Spain, in the Middle-East of the peninsula; it is well located, next to a main highway; and it occupies a land-plot of 48 hectares, which are distributed in 43 rustic lands.

The exploitation comes together with a valid license, updated authorizations and a land-plot appraisal. Furthermore, the quarry has tested different samples of limestone, clay and sand through several clinical trials; the result of these tests is positive with regards to the possibility of extracting, producing and elaborating Portland Cement of high resistance.

Through this operation the owner wishes to transfer the rights of exploitation of the quarry. It contains raw materials to produce an approximate amount of 360.000 tons of cement annually; which should be exploited through a concession of 50 years.The quarry exploitation has never begun, which leads to the lack of an industrial plant, infrastructure or factory.

The owner offers the concession that has been highlighted previously for the price of 160-170 M€. However, the value of the total complex has been priced at the amount of 600M€.


We are SEEKING A PARTNER for a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) located in Barcelona, focused on the elaboration of perfumes and fragrances for 27 years. Incorporated in 1990, the company outstands for its design, production and distribution of perfumery products (two commercial lines).

It is an interesting company that offers a great opportunity for an entrepreneur with vision and commercial aggressiveness who wants to take advantage the gap that the company makes: a product with a lack of good management, despite the success in the conception and design of their goods.

The best part of the goodwill that the transaction offers is the “well-known and experienced genius” of the owner – a creative and vocational perfumer, acknowledged and admired in the sector, who has a lack of business knowledge to give the right track to the company.

Notwithstanding this handicap, the company reached sales of almost 6 million of euros in 2001. It could have reached 9 million euros if the fatal attack on the 11th of September in New York hadn’t occurred. This fateful event broke the scheduling orders for Middle East. The company saved this situation selling patents and perfume brands of extreme luxury to important distributors or Russian and Saudi Arabian brands. This attracted the attention of entrepreneurs from different related sectors that requested their services and distracted its commercial course towards other sectors where the owner wanted to experiment.

Currently, the company has a certain lack of control regarding liquidity and a downturn in sales for slovenliness and inattention of customers and distributors. All this has an impact on the general management and exceeds the business capabilities of the owner-creative who recognizes the need to search and find a partner-entrepreneur with whom, together, can take up the course of success thanks to the quality of its products, as well as his experience in the hands of another owner.


We have a sales mandate of a leading company with its headquarters in Spain, specialized in electromechanics with 26 years of experience and almost 350 employees. The core of any of their products is electromechanics, but their services and goods are incorporated widely in different areas: naval sector, wind sector, automotive sector, petrochemical industry, etc.

Interested in acquiring a small or medium sized export company in order to broaden and expand their business lines, with a growth outlook. Interested in a company that has a presence in the European market and, ideally, that is based in different countries of the continent. It is preferred strategically that this company should be in the same sector (electromechanics) and is specialized in the design and production of air conditioners, elevators or electromechanics in construction. However, the possibility of other specializations can be taken into consideration. The purchaser shows solvency and liquidity and will study all kinds of offers that fits to what is requested.

Software in

We have a sales mandate of a company specialized in the IT sector based in Barcelona (Spain). Its main purpose is the development and designing of banking security, control and access software.

It is a family business of between 25-30 employees, with inheritance issues, and which has had great capacity of creation and innovation in order to fulfil the demand of the computerized world. Its specialization has created a clear barrier of entrance for competitors and they are the main providers of major banks.

It can be a great opportunity for a company / investor that is able to develop both product and service in order to expand them into other business lines, given its interesting know-how.

We are talking about a business trade of Level 4, with regards to our Operations Table.

We are at your disposal for potential applicants that show solvency and serious interest in the operation.


Family business in the electromechanics sector and a complementary switchgear manufacturer for the wiring in electrical automatism is searching for a buyer because of a lack of successors. It is a small Catalan company that has been working for years for the best multinational brands in this sector. Given the retirement age of its founder and given the unique niche of this market, he offers the opportunity to a young entrepreneur and investor to take advantage of the interesting to the future inertness that said company has. The company has very good possibilities to grow the business because of the current situational limitations of the property. We are talking about an operation of 1,XM€ approximately. It could also be a good chance for companies fabricating related products in this sector.

We are at the disposal of anyone who shows serious interest and solvency in this operation.


Start-up based in Switzerland seeks partner, investor or business angel to produce and to market an eco-friendly water activated consumer battery.

The project brings alternative and useful solutions to the growing annual consumer battery market in which more than 25.000 billion units are being traded every year. Due to the product’s innovative character, the concern for a sustainable development and the unquestionable rise in the renewable energies sector, the chance of success is, if not certain, unbeatable.

It offers an invention with technology that can easily compete with the ordinary battery market: a non-cyclical FMGC market, little innovation, scarce innovation, opaque industry practices and an inefficient and poor recycling process.

The aim is to develop a global “A” brand in the market with a higher margin and hard technology barriers for traditional battery companies. The company has an extensive international sales network ready to order (firm customer LOIs and more than 200 resellers interested to sell our batteries across a number of countries and regions).

The investment would enhance the product, but it would also consolidate the successful launch; counting with a solid base such as a fully equipped Hong Kong laboratory, to initiate the sales and a fabric located in Switzerland in order to produce the item massively.

The vision and the business model consists of developing a significant brand internationality. The DNA of this brand completely integrates sustainable actions, social and charitable campaigns, as well as an ongoing carbon credit program to offset the factory’s CO2 emissions.

We are at the disposal of anyone who shows serious interest and solvency in this operation.

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