The importance of a “proper” valuation

Whether selling or buying a company, it is essential to have solid arguments in order to defend the price (low, in the case of the buyer; and high, in the case of the seller).

There are numerous formulas to value businesses and it is necessary to know how to select the one that is best in each case. In addition to considering the numeric data, strategic arguments must be also sought and found. These arguments will help to convince the buyer or seller, so we can get what really interests us: the best operation possible from our point of view.

Our Valuations Department is led by Aki Peltola.

After finishing his university studies in Finland (Helsinki School of Economics; now Aalto University), Aki moved to Barcelona to work with stock options and share incentives (Citibank), after which he worked in financial management; controlling and planning at a fast growing airline (Vueling), in due diligence process (Vueling and Clickair), and after that in various roles in project management office and financial management in Hewlett Packard at EMEA level functions (lead of cost savings projects, lead of HP EMEA accounts receivable forecasting, lead of HP EMEA days sales outstanding forecasting). After the corporate experience, AKi has been focused on starting few startups and heading a management services and interim management company Management House.

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get – Warren Buffet

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